Don’t ever drift a FWD car and this is why.


Don’t ever drift a FWD car, ever!

This is dedicated to those who play too much Need for Speed, and think they can drift everything. No you can’t drift everything, especially a FWD car. This comparison of Need for Speed and real life, should serve as a lesson to all of you that think that a FWD can be drifted.

You can only slide in a FWD car you can’t drift, as the power should come from the rear, in order for the car to keep balance and drift, and keep the drift going. As we said you can only drift a FWD car, and even the slide is hard to do because as soon as you press the gas pedal, the car will adjust itself, or if you give it too much gas, it will go straight forward and this is the case in this video. The guy gave it too much gas and the drift radius got too tight, that’s why he turned the wheel in the other direction. So in other words, only a professional can perform a slide move in a FWD car, as its very hard to keep the drift position. Keep practicing and do it in an open field where you can’t crash anywhere, maybe you will learn something.

drift a FWD