Watch EKanoRacing GT86 Run 5.85@394KM/H at Bahrai dragstrip

Yesterday we saw the EKanoRacing team, set a new world record with their T1 R35 GTR.

They are back again, and this time they’re racing with their Pro Import GT86. The car did 60 feet in just 0.956 seconds, and it also ran 1/8 MILE 3.861at 309 KM/H (191MPH). The car did the ¼ mile in 5.85 at 394KM/H (244.8MPH). The numbers alone are crazy, being able to reach almost 400 km/h in just 5.85 seconds is another success by EKano. They are killing the tuning sector right now, and we are expecting even more crazy stuff by them in the days to come. Stay tuned.