t’s really an amazing time we live in. With just a source of Internet connection, we are able to spread so much information to the wide world, and this is the kind of information that we love.

I would seriously sell my soul to the devil, just to have a road trip like this in my life, with a car of my selection of course. I mean this is just beautiful, Portofino is literally Paradise in every way, including here the beautiful Italian roads it offers. It is literally what a Petrolhead asks for in a road trip. It has Sun, it has a beautiful scenery with tight Italian roads, that let you gaze in the amazing ocean views, as you make your way down to the city. The 991 GT3 RS blends in perfectly with the Italian architecture and ocean scenery. This is a road trip that everyone would want in a car like the GT3 RS, and the beautiful thing about it, is that this road trip ends in Monte Carlo, which means extra road and extra driving, which is my favorite thing to do especially during the late hours. Grab you popcorn grab your coke, sit back relax, and enjoy this beautiful video.