LaFerrari in the living room?…Why not!

All Petrolheads love their car, no matter what they drive they still turn their head after they park it and walk away from it, but looks like this guy doesn’t need to turn his head after parking it, as he has found the perfect solution to sleep near it.

We are not talking about your ordinary car here, we’re talking about a LaFerrari, the epitome of Hypercar. Garages are built to keep your car safe at night from thieves, or bad weather, but what could be more comfortable for you car than your own home. The LaFerrari looks perfect inside the house, and the wooden floors and other surroundings just compliment its looks even more. Sure it seats right in the middle of the living room, and right in between your couch and your TV, but I bet you that there’s no channel on that TV, that beats a LaFerrari in the living room view. Just by looking at it inside the house, I get it, this is a car that wasn’t meant to keep in the garage, it was meant to be inside a big house with wood surrounding all over it. Yep, it would sure look nice.






LaFerrari in the living room