A peak into Porsche heaven warehouse in Stuttgart.

A peak into Porsche heaven warehouse in Stuttgart.

There are times where I think about cars, mostly classics and collectibles, and I really get deep in my thoughts and try to imagine where would a car manufacturer hide their treasure(rare cars, limited productions cars, classic cars). The crazy thing is that while I was thinking about Porsche, this came right to my face….not literally. Here we have a look in PPorsche heaven warehouse, and into a reality you didn’t even thought existed.

This is the right word to describe heaven, and im not even a Porsche fan, but I can sure appreciate a well maintained secret, and these walls hide cars that you didn’t even thought existed. This hidden Gem is located right beside Porsche’s museum in Stuttgart, and it house race cars, classic production models, concept models that have never been seen by the public eye. They haven’t been seen by the by almost anyone, but this lucky photographer named Steffan Jahn, got the chance to go inside and snap a few pics inside Porsche’s Paradise. The cars are jaw dropping, and the scenery reminds you of one of those movies, where the whole world has gone to hell, and you just discovered a part of it that hasn’t been affected. Truly mesmerizing.

(Source: Behance/Steffan Jahn)






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