Is this the first illegal Skyline GTR R34 to have stepped in California?

We have no information if this guy lives in California, and has bought an R34 GTR and drives around with it, but we do know that R34 GTR Skylines are illegal in the U.S, and if this guy is driving against the law in L.A, he has balls of steel and we bow down to him for taking the risk. It is very stupid because the risk is enormous, but I understand his passion and the desire to own this illegal Skyline.

As i said, we don’t know if he’s illegally driving in California, but from what we can see in the video, the fellas there are being pretty quiet and as the video description explains, it was spotted near the Gumball 3000 paddock and Godzilla drew insane attention with its presence, but unfortunately it wasn’t allowed entrance into the Gumball 3000 paddock, which makes us believe that this car is indeed illegal in California and this guy is driving against the law, which makes this video pretty damn cool. I seriously would give everything just to experience what he was experiencing at those moments. The adrenaline and the anxiety of getting caught or being chased is what keeps my blood flowing, and I take my hat off to this fella for going against all odds and living his dream.

illegal Skyline