These two old ladies had no idea what was coming for them.

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When you’re driving all your senses should be focused on what’s coming in front of you, so all your attention should be on the road, not talking on the phone, no texting. These two old ladies we’re just having a conversation as they were driving through what seems to be an industrial park, and they we’re searching for the candle store.

As they’re driving through, the lady that was driving didn’t even saw the loading dock that she was approaching, and she drove right on off of the ramp. Now this is where all the comedy starts, and I’m sorry for laughing so hard at this, but as they fall down the car gets totally wrecked, but both of the ladies didn’t even take the slightest damage and they both have no idea what happened, and as they’re questioning one another, one of them keeps asking about the candle store. I’m laughing so hard I’m definitely going to hell for this.

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