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This motorcycle nightmare is actually a sport!

You might think that a group of crazy people riding dirt bikes in the desert at the middle of the night will never be called a sport, but we advise you to think again. This madness is called King Of The Moto, and these adrenaline junkies are descending upon the rocky wasteland that is Johnson Valley.

What you have to know about KOM, is that it is broken into three races: Saturday night’s “night race” you saw in the video, a fast desert race Sunday and an extremely technical off-road race also on Sunday. KOH organizers reported 23 Pro riders, and 64 Amateurs and 4 Team entries made the starting line last night, and as you can see, the whole dessert almost turned into a blood bath of motorcycle nightmare. We don’t know how many people finished the race yesterday, but KOH put Taylor Robert, a KTM factory-sponsored rider, as the fastest finishing the course in 29 minutes 23 seconds. His teammate Cody Webb was one second behind him, and the first Amateur place went to Evan Ask, with a reported time of 53 minutes, not bad for a first timer. KOH is one of the craziest events I have seen this year and I can’t wait to see more of it.

motorcycle nightmare

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