McLaren return to LeMans might be the greatest news for today!

There was a golden time where McLaren showed up to the 24 Hours of Le Mans with some F1s, and completely dominated the event. Now Zak Brown, McLaren’s new executive director of the technology group, says that he misses those times, and that McLaren return to LeMans is real and to claim the throne once more. So get excited McLaren fan boys, the history might repeat itself. This is what Zak said in an interview:
“We have won Le Mans and the race is in our history, and part of my job is to decide where the McLaren brand should race. Going back to Le Mans is something we have identified and are discussing. Personally, I would love to see us go to Le Mans, and I’m not the only one with those views.”

There’s no doubt that McLaren wants to be a part of the most famous endurance race on earth, and they also want to give their fans “the chills of the past” and as Brown said, he’s not the only one that wants McLaren to be in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This means that the whole team is working on something for McLaren return to LeMans event. One of the most important things about this race is the car, and they have to determine if the car is going to be built in-house, or allow the wholly separate McLaren GT company that’s been handling their GT3 and GT4 racers build the car. Andrew Kirkaldy which is the McLaren GT boss also said:
“There have been discussions, but I can’t say too much. The hope is that we would be involved.”

McLaren’s most likely return would be in the form of a production-based GTE race car, which would take several years to put together but a top-class LMP1 prototype racer might also happen. McLaren won Le Mans in 1995 with the F1 GTR, and last competed in 1998. Since then fans have been dying to see McLaren race again, and they have even gone as far as render what a McLaren LMP1 would look like. Well as McLaren says, they are working on it, so this should be enough to make the fans go crazy.

McLaren return to LeMans