The company has released a new video, which looks back at the development of the original Shelby GT 350 as part of its countdown to the Mustang’s 50th anniversary.

When then Ford Vice President Lee Iacocca called Carroll Shelby, in 1964, and asked him to make a Mustang race car thinks didn’t quite go according to plan as the original Shelby man responded by calling the Mustang a “secretary’s car” and saying he didn’t think it could be done.

Of course, we all know that such thinks would not hamper with Iacocca’s vision of the future (and it turned it was dead accurate) so he told Shelby “lets take the V8 and hop it up to 300-350 bhp (223- 261 kW),” and also change the brakes, the suspension and take out the rear seats.

Finally, the last debate was over the name of the model, as reportedly in the end Shelby called the shop foreman and asked him to count out the steps from the corner of the building to the Van Nuys airport. He walked out and counted 347 steps, so Shelby decided to round up and call the car the GT 350.

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