You’re looking at $475K worth Blastolene B-702 built by Blastolene Brothers of course [sold at  Barrett-Jackson].   Almost 20 feet long it has a V 12 cylinder engine and total leather interior. This is custom through and through. Under the hood lies what can only be described as the beating heart of the apocalypse : a heavy duty 702cid (11.5 litres!) V12 engine, hooked up to a rock solid Allison transmission, outputting 650ft-lb of torque at a mere 850rpm. Given that the B-702 weighs only slightly more than 2 tonnes, this is a recipe for some serious speed. Not that the eventual buyer cared all that much; B-702 sold at Barrett-Jackson in 2008 for a cool $475,000 and is now no doubt home in some snug garage, never to re-emerge.

You can’t say it has very unique design having in mind custom Streamliner or Auburn cars, but it is seriously respectful peace of art.

blastolene b702_2560 760 763 765 761

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