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Reports coming in from Europe indicate that the seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher was skiing at a resort in Meribel, France, when he fell and injured himself, hitting his head on a rock. Fully aware of the benefits of head protection, Schumacher was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, but the severity of the impact has apparently left the racer in a coma, says CNN.

This is the statement from the University Hospital of Grenoble which confirms the 44-year-old is in a coma.

“Mr Schumacher was admitted to the University Hospital of Grenoble at 12:40pm, following a skiing accident which occurred in Meribel in the late morning,” the statement said.

“He suffered a severe head injury with coma on arrival, which required immediate neurosurgical intervention. He remains in a critical situation.”

Brazilian driver Felipe Massa (@Felipe1Massa) posted a photograph of himself with Schumacher alongside the words: ‘‘I am praying for you my brother !! I hope you have a quick recovery !! God bless you Michael.’’

Other drivers wrote:


May God be with you Schumi! Hope you will recover soon. #Classic #Cars #Team

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