Who attracts our attention and leaves us with open mouth more than the sound of an old muscle? If you were that lucky and you have drove or have seen or even just listen to that sound you’ll understand for what we are talking about. Its all about 70′ Dodge charger!!! And this is pure classic and successful old technology that let us impressed, but the technology we have now is light years away from what was available in the years gone by. Suspension, chassis, interiors, motors and basically everything you can improve on has been overdone. We know people that never lose their tradition,they are fanatic on keeping alive the old classic style and one of them is Dave Salvaggio of Salvaggio Automotive Design in Milwaukee, WI. He’s taken a customer’s 1970 Dodge Charger and rebuilt it from the ground up. Retro-fitted with the latest suspension and drive train technology while retaining the style and feel of the classic car. Up front is a custom, double-wishbone front suspension rolling on 18″ wheels with rack and pinion steering. Power will come from a modern 6.1L modified HEMI that will deliver an assessment 620 horsepower through a manual transmission to a custom 4-link rear suspension. The extra wide rear tires will be wrapped around 19″ wheels nestled inside tubbed wheel housings, and go-to-whoa power will come from 4-piston Wilwood Disc Brakes. “Punishment” is the exact presentment for this car !







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