In a site called we found some information concerning a new Chevelle. As we have seen the new Mustangs,Camaros and Challengers we’re all wondering in a new Chevelle being created again. But informations on sites as you know are very overall and anything isnt specified in details. There is mention of the car receiving a 6.2L LS3 engine which we think suits the car as well.In this site It is noted that the car might not be a full size car but with very similar lines of Camaro which means that they would share the same chassis but with different bodys. As you see the information on sites are very difficult to occupy in hand with an eye to the future plans.
A quick Google search did show a posting from April of 2013 on Jalopnik, citing the Chevelle trademark is moving closer to being finalized. Perhaps the new SS was supposed to be badged as a Chevelle, but GM backed out. Whatever the truth of this case could be this car doesn’t increase us heart beat, not as long as it looks like a mixed car with some Camaro and a remodeled Challenger.We have our hopes that Chevy will come out with a unique Chevelle and if this will happen we will be the first that will bring it to you.



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