Firstable we can NOT wait until the moment that someone tries to put this engine in a street car !
If Anybody is going to do that please contact us or send us photos or videos of the moment of pressing the throttle for the first time ! We can even imagine how it could be !
Can you believe that this builder turns anything from the GM stable of power plants?
Tyson Gavin is the builder and he is one to explore alternative routes.Actually he is working on a tri bank 12 rotor rotary engine for use in marine application alternatives.The challenge at the moment for him and his team is keeping air & fuel flowing into the engine.The team is indeed planning to move to an electronic fuel injection system.Tyson Gavin believes in high capabilities of engine. Standard pleasure cruising could be done with power output in the 1400hp range. Add in a pair of turbos and the figure could be pumped up to 2400 hp.Push the boost up to 50 psi, swap in racing fuel, and now we are freaking dealing with 5000 pure horsepower !
Watch the video and feel free to share with us your opinion!


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