Despite the fact that is hard to see under those black tarps,we believe that this car is the 2015 Challenger SRT ,also it has been rumored that it will get a supercharger.As you can notice from the photos the 2015 Challenger recently has received a lifted face closer resembling a ’71 Challenger.Thanks to one of KGP SpyPhotography’s field agents we revealed the Chrysler testing the capabilities of the car.
Furthermore a KPG agent spotted a blue 2015 Challenger standing on the side of the road.Fortunately had its hood opened & it was a supercharger as hell!
The supercharged engine is a 6.2L (392)Hemi ,that now is called Hellcat.Sure that Hellcat is capable to produce upwards of 700HP.
Wait..we have not finished yet !
Recently thanks to those Spy Photographers we have appeared the interior & it looks more racing inspired with an old school style shifter & a more wild dash.
Sincerely this car impressed us and it looks like it will carry the power and all the other qualities of an early ’70 musclecar into the nowadays.
What’s your first impression about this new 2015 Challenger SRT?
Watch the video and feel free to share with us your opinion

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