We are very impressed of this amazing job from a very very skilled Spanish engineer named Patelo.
What he built was a very unusual small engine V12 !
Spending over 1200 hours he started this built with just using three materials, with hunks of aluminium,bronze and stainless steel.Furthermore this engine is powered by compressed air injection 0.1kg/sq cm,this masterpiece boasts a total displacement of 12 cubic cm from its 12 11.3 mm diameter pistons and works like a real engine.Unfortunately the creator of this perfection has no plans for selling the mini V12 engine,after all he dedicated this to his four grandkids

Just incase if you don’t understand Spanish terms,to make it understandable down below is an english translation of the terms that are used in the video :
1.Construimos el ciguenal: Building the crankshaft
2.Comenzamos el montaje: Begin the installation
3.Montamos el ciguenal en el bloque: Fit the crankshaft in the block
4.Cojinete de apoyo del ciguenal: Crankshaft bearing support
5.Taques: Tappets
6.Arbol de levas: Camshaft
7.Cojinete de apoyo del arbol de levas: Camshaft support bearing
8.Engranajes de la distribucion: Timing gear
9.Volante: Flywheel
10.Cilindros: Cylinders
11.Pistones: Pistons
12.Comprobamos con un taladro que todo esta en orden: Check with a drill that everything is in order
13.Culatas: Cylinder heads
14.Balancines: Rockers
15.Varillas de balancines: Rocker shafts
16.Colectores de admision: Intake manifolds
17.Colectores de escape: Exhaust manifolds
18.Tapa de distribucion: Distribution cover
19.Bombas de refrigeracion: Cooling pumps
20.Enfriador de agua dulce: Fresh water cooler
21.Filtro de admision: Inlet filter
22.Pruebas de funcionamiento: Function tests
23.Camara lenta: Slow motion
24.Numero de piezas/tornillos: No: of pieces/screws
25.Horas de trabajo: Hrs of work

Don’t miss this video that shows one of the greatest process of building one of the smallest engine V-12 in the world !
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