In this article we chose to talk for this amazing ’69 Dodge Charger SE R/T owned by Robert Frost with a little story in it
Can you believe that in the early ‘80s Robert found an original 440/4-speed 1969 Charger SE R/T for sale and he bought it for just $500?
For sure he made the right decision to took his car at MoPower Masters in Denven where a very talented guy,a painter schooled called Sam will contribute in creating paint schemes
Firstable over a silver underbase he used twenty-five coats of House of Colors Candy Apple Red and completed his job in ‘83s
The results are …more than impressive .The perfect combination to give this car a unique look
Robert participated at Mopar event at Bandimere Speedway where it scored a best in – class win .
But this wasn’t enough for him , he also found himself obsessed to drag racing and from that moment this beautiful devil was a race/show car .
A year later this car was ready to be under construction again
Tony Richard built a 498 inch stroker Wedge which dropped the e.t ‘s into the mis-twelves
Unfortunately the owner was forced to re-built it again ,replacing everything in the rear body above framerails all because while being driven home on DOT-legal race tires, a sudden rain storm on I-25 led to a spin that put the Charger into the freeway’s concrete median, crunching it from the roof aft
Thanks to Tom Hammack’s and John May for contributing with their hard work on rear body straightening ,underhood sculpting, re-covering this beauty with her Candy Apple Red color and under the hood Marshall Canafax

Nowadays as you can notice form the pics this car looks like a new born angel

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