Every classic beauty hides a long story worth to tell anytime,and this one here, sure has its own story accompanied with love ,zeal of a real man!

Talking about Rusell Wells is like talking about for a catalog with many many cars
But knowing that he is a automobile enthusiast we appreciate enough to share with you guys his interesting story about how cars were involved in his life!
His 1st car was a 1969 Camaro,unfortunately a car that he regrets because he wrecked for three times in six months in his early 16s
After this bad story his parents sold the ’69 Camaro and left him driving a Mazda RX-2,a car that couldn’t feed his desires enough.After all he grew up as a Pontiac fanatic.
Anyways he drove this car for two years,saving money to buy a 1978 Le Mans.
His red target was a GTO & the rounded Coke-bottle styling of the 1968 & 1969 models.Twelve years ago he discovered a sleek ’69 GTO in Las Vegas.This car has been in a hailstorm at some point so every body panel had some kind of ding it.He could use this car as his daily driver for the next five years.But unfortunately again, after 6 months he revealed that the GTO’s 400 motor was on its last legs.
Without any hesitation he prepared a restoration project , so he picked up a more sensible daily driver and got to work on the GTO.
– “My intention was to restore the car to stock, and I found a frame off eBay to get the process started. Before swapping it out in my garage, my wife made sure I took my cell phone so I could call for help just in case the car fell on me,” he said while joking …
He start freshened up the 400 with Ram Air III heads & a solid lifter camshaft.Also he restored the suspension.
But a car could not be complete without the last but not least ,a fresh coat of paint !After he finished ,the car looked cool as hell but only for a year and a half than the paint started bubbling
Anyways this wouldn’t be the end for his beloved car .He took care of its ’69 Pontiac GTO and gave this impressive appearance that still stands in top and is one of the most amazing rides
Isn’t this car a real beauty ?
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