Going back in time, Ferrari had probably the most amazing engineering background
With lots of multiply Formula One championships in the last 15 years ,with deep and broad resources are arguably the premier automotive brand in the world.But going back in ‘60s the GTO was one of Ferrari’s most well known of which only 36 were built for over 3 years.

Actually in 1962, Ferrari claimed that they were going to build over 100 (the quantity required by the FIA for homologation) GTOs and that they were evolutions of the 250GT SWB.
It certainly seemed plausible as 163 SWBs were built. And the GTO absolutely seemed like an evolution; it had the same layout and engine as the outgoing berlinetta. The differences between the SWB and new GTO were the GTO’s far more aerodynamic and also modified rear suspension. The result was that the FIA agreed that the GTO was a progression of the SWB.
Three years later ,the FIA revealed that Ferrari did not even build remotely close to one houndred GTO’s.After this Ferrari claimed that wasn’t necessary to build more as there were’t anymore buyers skilled enough to race the car.However,the racers that did drive the last of the GTO’s enjoyed the success.And we must add that in its first debut ,the ’64 GTO of Phil Hill & Pedro Rodriguez won the two-thousand km of Daytona.
Furthermore in the following race the same car finished first in class and later on won its class in the 3 races of the Nassau TT at Hill’s hands.
Unfortunately,Ferrari’s ‘creative’ interpretation of rules cost them a GT car for the ‘65 season.

So when Ferrari tried to explain that their new car, the 250 LM was a GT car, the FIA refused its homologation for 2 reasons. First, Ferrari once again claimed that their proposed entry was an evolution of the prior season’s car. This time Ferrari was pretending that the mid/rear-engine 250 LM was derived from the front-engine SWB & GTO. Second was the fact that Ferrari had duped them when it came to the GTO’s proposed production numbers.

Results were clear, FIA had to punish Ferrari.Can you believe that the 250LM wasn’t even a 250 for that matter; all but the first car were 275s with 3.3L engines. The FIA’s decision caused Ferrari to cancel from the ‘65 World Sportscar Championship and effectively handing it to Shelby’s Cobras.

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