How do you feel when you see an old parked car next to your house?
If you’re an automobile enthusiast you’ll know for what we are talking about ! This time we want share with you some great photos of this gorgeous car that we all know as the 1968 Pontiac Parisienne
We are sure for one thing : This must be one of the biggest 2+2 cars ever made and its very very beautiful

The Parisienne was not simply a rebadged Catalina built up north, it used a Chevy frame, had some different body panels (to fit the smaller frame), and came with neither the performance upgrades or available 8-lug wheels that made the US-market 2+2 so hot (and incredibly quick).
This Canadian-built model was basically a sporty trim level of Parisienne, with a 250 six standard and only the emblems, buckets and console to set it apart from its plainer siblings. We think it came with a bench rear seat, too, making it a 2+2 only in seat-belt count.
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