Do you remember Tom Bailey with his Sick Seconds Camaro who totally shocked us at Drag Week a year ago?Bailey’s monster made over 2,500 horsepower according to Morris(which is the tuner of this Camaro)
We have already archived some articles about Tom.Now he is all about changing and improving his performance.
His engine builder and tuner Steve Morris added Turbosmart wastegates & blow off valves along with a Holley coil near plug ignition system & all new billet intake manifold .They are also upgraded to some Moran fuel injectors.
The engine hasn’t been touched as well and the valves haven’t been even lashed
Cant wait to see him performing with his new 2014 upgrades.
Man,he is really preparing before he hits the track!
Furthermore we suggest to watch the video and feel free to share with us your opinion

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