What a waste for these two rare goats that were spotted in an undisclosed area.This couple of ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge’s as you can see are desperately in need of some attention. The original GTO was the Pontiac’s engineer John DeLorean masterpiece.This iconic American built by Pontiac belongs to a time interval form ‘64-‘74.Many of us know that the beginning of the GTO Judge meant the beginning of a new era of the muscle car trend.The 1st 2000 Judges were painted in ‘’Carousel Red’’ and then this color was available for any GTO. With the drop of the 1969 version in which was included the new “Ram Air IV” version of the 400. @ 370 hp, the Ram Air IV had special heads with round exhaust ports, an aluminum intake manifold & a special cam.This was definitely the most powerful engine putted inside a GTO that made it by far the most collectible muscle.We must add that the ’69 GTO ‘’The Judge’’ convertible with the RAM AIR IV was the most authentic car with only 5 produced!Listed as one of the most collectible cars of that era,we really hope the owner to take these treasures back in life and we really hope to see this pair of ’69 goats hitting the American highways!
We also found a video of a ’69 GTO Judge Ram Air IV in excellent shape just to show you the potential of this car !
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