To get a better feel of that new Performance Data Recorder available in the 2015 Corvette, Chevy has put together a video that shows exactly what the new high-tech feature is capable of.
The video camera will be mounted within the windshield header trim and record the driver’s point-of-view. Audio is recorded via a dedicated microphone in the cabin. The telemetry recorder uses a dedicated GPS receiver that operates at 5 Hz, five times faster than the in-dash navigation system. The system is hard-wired into the Stingray’s Controller Area Network (CAN) to accesses engine speed, transmission-gear selection, braking force, and steering-wheel angle. The SD-card slot in the glove box records video and vehicle data, making it easy to remove and transfer to other devices. Depending on the capacity of the memory card in the glove box will determine the amount that can be recorded. An 8GB card can record approximately 200 minutes; a 32GB card stores up to about 800 minutes.

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