This time XCAR compares definitely two of the best M3 models ever built,and guess for what are we talking?Sure E30 M3 Vs M3 GTS!The first one,the legendary E30 M3 is based on the ’86 model year E30 3-series.It’s powered by a 2.5L S14 engine capable to produce 340Horsepower.The other one is the M3 GTS which was launched in summer of 2010.The engine of this BMW is totally capable to produce 450Horsepower.This car accelerates form 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds and in one metre.It’s also capable to reach the 1000metre mark from a standstill in just 22.5 seconds.The top speed ,of course is 305km/h. Here are some more Specs of the

M3 GTS & E30 M3 :


Engine: 4.4-litre V8
Power: 444bhp
Torque: 325lb ft
0-60mph: 4.4seconds
Top speed: 190mph

E30 M3

Engine: 2.3-2.5-litre four cylinder
Power: 199-238bhp
Torque: 177lb ft
0-60mph: 6.7-6.5seconds
Top speed: 146-154mph

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