Just listen that glorious sound that comes from the America’s only nitrous boosted 24-cylinder Supercharged Diesel… This was Mike’s Harrah next project,a Peterbilt-based rod powered by a 24-cylinder Detroit Diesel,churning 3,400hp via superchargers and nitrous.That’s what we call a real on-the-go mission.Actually ,Mike started with two 24-cylinder engines taken from a Hatter yacht.Of course one was destined for a stretched ’84 359 Peterbilt. His owns other fascinating vehicles,including a 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II Coupe powered by a Merlin 1,100hp V-12.As for the 24-cylinder diesel,Mike’s pals have already chromed and updated its turbochargers and tested it in a Semi truck! Furthermore we suggest to watch the video, also feel free to share with us your opinion

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