This most be the most shocking things you’ve heard this year! Only a few weeks since it was available in the deal-ships, here it is the first of the specie to blown it’s engine! The owner is Jeremy M., and without no doubt, he is not having a good day! Here it is what Jeremy said about this accident: “Last Friday I had a catastrophic failure of my engine in my 2015 Z06.
I was out putting some more miles on the car to get ready for my track event at road atlanta Jan 10 and 11. While making a pull from 35 mph I accelerated and shifted short of redline and boom. Car began knocking. I pulled over and popped hood. Could hear a loud knock coming from # 6 cylinder area along with a serious grinding metal on metal sound coming from the supercharger area.”.
What he guessed was later confirmed by GM mechanics, “there was indeed failure in #6 valve train”.
In fact, Jeremy was well-aware of the 500-mile break-in period, and that it is disadvised to track the Z06 within the first 1,500 miles, but, it’s really hard to resist to these kind of vehicles.
2015 "LT4" 6.2L V-8 AFM VVT DI SC (LT4) for Chevrolet Corvette Z

In the end, GM suggested to him 2 options: #1 “Allow GM to take apart the engine and patch repair it. This option would of kept original numbers matching engine in the car.” or #2 “Replace the engine as a whole.” The second option will cost him $23,999.
We hope that the other owner will be careful enough to respect GM’s suggestion for a good run of the car!



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