After about 10 years on production, the Veyron, have to give way to the all new 2016 Chiron, the lastest Bugatti creature. But we still, will never forget the road that made the Veyron one of the most important automobiles ever made.

From street races, to drag races to Top Gear’s top speed run, to Monaco spotting and lake crashing, powered by its massive quad-turbo 8.0 W16 engine, producing at least 1000HP and a huge amount of torque represented to our feeling by its amazing 4 wheel drive transmission, the Veyron still stays on the top in terms of presence, performance and luxury too.
The Veyron became a legend since in 2005 there weren’t so many cars with that specifications, but the Chiron will deffinitely will follow its elder’s way.
Volkswagen, which owns Bugatti since 1998 seems to have spent a lot for this fresh vehicle. They can’t leave the Bugatti legend behind, living with the past.
It’s too early to talk a lot about the new Chiron, but we know that the maximum power will be about 1500bhp, the torque about 1106lb ft or 1500 Nm, top speed of about 288mph, and they claim that it will go from 0 to 60mph (about 100kmh) in just 2.0 seconds. Fuel economy? about 14mpg or about 21 liter/100km…in case you’ll ever thing of driving it slow…

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