It’s no secret that a lot of people don’t like the Bugatti Veyron.

Why? Because it’s a heavy, all-wheel-drive luxury rocket ship rather than a bare-bones rear drive monster designed with nothing but ludicrous speed in mind. Well, it appears Bugatti has built a car for all you speed-craving track day bros, sort of.
Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, it’s Bugatti’s first sports car it’s built since the EB110. It’s called the 2016 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, but don’t go running to your Bugatti dealer to place an order; it’s just a concept and no official specs have been released. You can however ‘drive’ it in Gran Turismo 7 for Play Station 4. This concept does mean that we can almost certainly expect another Bugatti rocket ship to reach production, and hopefully soon.