Bisimoto is a legendary engine builder, and a lover of unloved engines. Most turners surround themselves with legendary engines, easily capable of making massive power with a little bit of massaging. Not Bisi – LS motors, RB26s, and 2JZs are just too easy for this team of California tuners, so when Honda had nothing to present at SEMA last year, they knew exactly who to call, a 1000hp Honda Odyssey?? Yes!

Despite what Honda marketing may claim, there really isn’t anything legitimately interesting about the 1000hp Honda Odyssey. This thing is mammoth, front-wheel drive, and not really good for anything more than hauling around six kids.

Thanks for Bisi and his crew, this innocent minivan now sends a staggering 1000hp to the front tires through a dashboard mounted six-speed manual transmission. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that enough horsepower will make anything awesome. This creation is also slammed on air-suspension giving it a perfect stance during rolling burnouts. Now, news about this van is over a year old, though what you haven’t heard, is what it’s actually like to drive.

Matt Farah from the Smoking Tire and the Drive Network got a chance to get behind the wheel of both this ridiculous 1000hp Honda Odyssey, and an even more ludicrous 1000hp Porsche 911. Watch the whole video below!