GM’s LS motor has become such a legend that enthusiasts have practically gotten sick of them. Thanks to their push-rod construction, they’re light, durable, and small enough to fit snuggly into pretty well anything.


Better yet, they’ve been around for nearly two decades and can be found in nearly anything including old Pontiac Firebirds and G8s, Chevy Corvettes and Camaro, Holden Commodores, you name it. That means that you can get yourself a light, small, and powerful V8 in a local junkyard fairly easily.

Better yet, these motors have huge potential, and are more than capable of making 500whp naturally aspirated. If big power is your thing, these little small blocks have been turbo-charged to power some of the more demonic machines around, including the 1200hp Hennessey Venom GT. If you want to learn more about what makes these small, potent engines so special LS Motor, engine builder Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines has the answers to all of your questions.