Yes, Nissan will possibly build a Self Driving GT-R, but why?

In an interview with Top Gear Richard Candler, head of Advanced Product Strategy at Nissan talked about the future of the GT-R.
“One of the things I like to think about is turning up to the Nürburgring in your GT-R, and being able to select one of the famous laps and the car just taking over.”
Candler also discusses the Nürburgring lap time from the Nismo GT-R

“The latest Nismo did 7m08s with Michael Krumm at the wheel”

The puzzling reality is that Nissan may try to make a self driving GT-R , which seems to go against the ethos of a performance car.
“You could just select the Michael Krumm setting, press go and before you know it, you’re launched round the track. Something that most people could never achieve suddenly becomes very accessible.”

“One day, you could use the car as a computer game simulator. While the car is driving you to work, you could be using it as the controller to drive round the Nürburgring on your PlayStation. It’s adding a bit more fun to people’s lives while also adding convenience and safety.”

While we are thrilled by the technological developments this can bring, the premise of a Self Driving GT-R seems out of place.
What do you think?