Brembo is developing a brake-by-wire system, and it’s hitting the shelves before 2020.

According to an article published by SAE international, the renowned brake manufacturer is developing an electronically controlled system aimed at production cars.

Using a spring loaded sensor in the pedal, the control circuit will adjust brake pressure automatically, and while at the moment the system still has hydraulic front calipers, the rear is completely electro-mechanical, which means there is no need for a separate parking brake assembly, the rear brakes can double as parking or emergency braking components.

This technology is nothing new in motorsport circles, as F1 has had this kind of electronic braking control or brake by wire system. This being brought to production vehicles not only makes for brake sensitivity adjustments to be easier, but also will integrate better into autonomous driving systems.

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You can read the full article HERE.

And the video below illustrates how this concept is used in Formula 1.