The Chinese people are known to be hard workers in almost every field,but we never knew they would be good at demolition too.On 26 August,construction workers conducted a type of marathon destruction project.They brought in 116 trucks to completely demolish a 1,640-foot two-lane overpass,in the eastern city of Nanchang.

They lined up in two rows,each on one side and they started destroying the overpass.According to CCTV ,the project started at 10:30pm,and the main structure was destroyed overnight.The whole process of demolishing and the removal process lasted 56 hours.The bridge was reopened again on Monday morning to the public again.CCTV reports that the bridge was removed because of its narrowness,and it also needed to be demolished because of a new subway system.This isn’t the first time China has done something like this.The state removed another bridge in November that was over 30 years old,and replaced it again in almost 43 hours of work.We can say that Chinese people never stop amazing us.