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Teenager buys Skyline, then crashes it 1 hour after leaving the dealership.

When you buy a new car, your mind always tells you to be careful and drive normal till you get used to it, especially if it’s a fast car.

This teenager thought he was ready for Godzilla to give it all she got, but it turned out bad for him. We do not know his name, but we know he’s 17 years old, and having a Skyline at his age and wrecking it, should be punished by law. Anyway we have no idea how he managed to lose control of the car, but he crashed into a house, and luckily no one was in the house at the time of the crash. He made it out okay, the house didn’t take too much damage either, but the car needs immediate repairs. We hope the car makes it to the street again, and we hope that the kid that was driving it, sells it to someone that truly appreciates her.

Teenager buys Skyline

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