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Take a look at this special built C6 Corvette.

For those of you that don’t know, Alehandro is a car enthusiast and a car collector, that also documents what he does with his cars in a daily basis. So, in the process of finding and collecting different cars, he also buys and sells a lot of them which is a good thing, because you get to try new cars every time and after selling them, it sometimes translates into profits, if you have the right connections.

In this car vlog we get to see a sick C6 Corvette that Alehandro took for a spin, and oh boy is this thing special. First of all it has a wide body kit that is insane, and it’s about half a car wider than the C6 already is. It is fully made out of carbon fiber, not just the body-kit but the whole body of the car, but that beautiful wrap hides the carbon fiber underneath it. It has air suspension that make the car look sick and to be honest, the car is pretty low to the ground. Some people say that this is a riced out Corvette but I disagree, as I personally like it and it is very unique and different. This is just a quick review of the car, the video is where all the magic happens, so be sure to give it a quick look as it has a lot of other mods in it.

C6 Corvette

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