Mean ZR1 Corvette almost crashes while racing an R35 GT-R.

The ZR1 Corvette is not only a beautiful machine, it is also one mean devil and if you don’t give her the right respect and pay full attention while racing her, she might be the last thing you drive, so it’s better to give her all the attention and not end up 6 feet under ground.

This is a pretty interesting race, as both cars are tuned and they make about the same power. T

The ZR1 Corvette puts 570 horses at the wheels, while the GT-R makes 585, so the ZR1 makes 15 horses less than the GT-R, but unlike the GT-R, the ZR1 is rwd, so you better respect the car and pay attention while accelerating, or she will turn against you when you least expect it. The ZR1 pulls really hard, but those 15 horses do make a difference not a big one, but big enough to give the GT-R the victory on this race. A lot of money invested on these cars, but it looks like the ZR1 needs some investment in the tire section.