A great friend of this page had recommended that I feature this car, and WOW! What a STUNNING automobile! You’re looking at a 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser!!!

The Wikipedia says that at introduction of the 1957 line up, the Turnpike Cruiser series offered two- and four-door hardtop body styles.

They are best known for the unique styling cues and wide array of gadgets including a “Breezeway” power rear window that could be lowered to improve ventilation, “twin jet” air intakes at upper corners of car’s windshield, “seat-o-matic” automatically adjusting seat, and an average speed “computer”(which would tell your average speed after a trip)

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  1. Thomas Cerniglia

    This is not a 1957 model year Mercury. The ’57 only has two headlights. In 1958, all American cars had separate bulbs for high beams. The cars got wider that year and then they were made longer and lower in 1959. I think this is a ’59 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Retractible Hardtop Convertible.

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