Wanna see this 70’ Chevelle in action ?
We enjoyed to much this video.The owner of this beast is Don Wilhelm and what he did to his car was really incredible !
Wilhelm’s Chevelle is powered by a 4.8L truck mill that gets a little atmospheric boost from a pair of T70 turbos that rest on flipped truck exhaust manifolds,the turbos are pushing right around five pounds of boost, but still give this big classic old Chevrolet all the extra motivation and activity it needs. To keep up with the air flow from the twin turbos, Wilhelm also installed an aeromotive A1000 fuel system and some big 80 lb./hr injectors on the 4.8L.Furthermore this Chevelle is using a TH350 trans to turn a 12-bolt with 3.08 highway gears.This hot rod Chevy is definitely impressive.
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We suggest to check out the video below and walk around with this monstrous car
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