Just incase if you’re looking for an equally good job of waking up in the morning ,the ‘’Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12 ‘’ Coffee machine could be the best choice !
The price goes to £9000 but if you’re interested you can get an actual V12 car for less than that.This camouflaged ‘’Coffee machine’’ is inspired by Formula 1 engines & crafted from the finest material.The entire machine looks almost the same with an F1-engine.Furthermore is available in 2 other formats,in V8 and V10! From the inside this machine is made from 90 components.Each one is built from various alloys and the precision tungsten also the argon welding interlock some of the components.The coffee is dispensed from the exhaust pipe.What can we say more …its almost perfect ,just like a real engine under the skin where the coffee is delivered via a pump & a heat exchanger to pump boiling water through the head. Water is poured into the engine’s oil filler cap and in the same time coffee itself is dispensed into piston-shaped stainless steel cups.
We hope this was fun to read and a worth information for all automotive enthusiasts!
Can you imagine a cup of coffee everyday from the heart of your beloved car …
This coffee-maker definitely can change your whole life routine!
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