Known as God Chariot ,the BMW E30 M3 DTM is definitely that kind of car that has made more rage than any other car in the racing world! Its also qualified from Bavarians as world’s most successful touring car.And we are pretty sure,this car holds a glorious history on its shoulders.

When it comes to compare the new 2015 BMW M3 against the old E30 M3 DTM @Hockenheim,well we must see how the new 2015 M3 measure up!
We also must add that despite producing 100 horsepower less than the new M3,its obviously that the old one is fantastic on the track while the track-trim E30 logs a 1:09,also the new M manages a best time of 1:13
It seems more that this battle leaves so much space to comment about for two of the most powerful generations of BMW
Furthermore we suggest to watch the video, also feel free to share with us your opinion

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