Have you seen the new F86 BMW X6 M? It was setup to debut the 2014 LA Auto show and it was spotted early on the streets of Munich.The photo shows us a X6 M in Mineral White & the infamous quad tips.We can totally say that the look of the car isn’t the only thing improved,now the new F86 BMW X6 M includes the Dynamic Performance Control(DPC) and AWD.The engine produces 575 horsepower.This car runs form 0-100km/h in just 4.2 seconds,this means the performance of the car has changed and its improved as well.This new model is wider than the previous model (78.7-78.3 in wide),it’s also higher than the previous model (66.5 in – 66.3in).The wheelbase is almost matching in size comparing it with the old model (115.5 in – 115.47 in.)
Let us know what do you think of this new BMW improved model? Feel free to share with us your opinion


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