“Automotive gangs”. North Texas Viper Club Blows Up a C4 Corvette with Tannerite and a .50 Caliber Machine Gun!

Every year at Thanksgiving, people go up to ancestorial stomping grounds in Southeastern Kentucky for family, food and fun. And sometimes that fun includes blowing up a pumpkin with tannerite, an explosive substance that ignites when shot with a gun.

So, this year the North Texas Viper club used tannerite to blow up a C4 Corvette. It looks like they were first trying to shoot the car with a .50 caliber machine gun with one shot costing $5 each. Hopefully, the money was going to charity! But the .50 cal by itself wasn’t enough to blow up the car so they brought in the tannerite. After a few shots, the Viper gang dissed the Corvette guys! Well, that’s not a nice way to share your personal opinions…

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