Carbon fiber,isn’t just an accessory in today’s sports cars,carbon fiber is the future of sports car,as they make the car lighter and more stronger. Thats why Lamborghini has opened up a new carbon fiber R&D in Seattle and word is out,that the tech they are developing,that is game changing.

Lamborghini’s R&D chief Maruzio Reggiani,confirmed the rumors by saying that the company is developing carbon fiber connecting rods,to be used in the next generation V12. The goal for Lamborghini is to use these carbon fiber connecting rods in the next generation of Avenador,which might come in 2020 or 2021. Lamborghini’s carbon fiber connecting rods are said to be 40-50% lighter and this lightness,should bring a significant power increase.The rods are aslo made of different forged elements,which consists of a mix of carbon fiber and resin,that’s heated and pressurized in a steel mold.If Lamborghini would make this kind of project technology in the future,it would mark a big step a head for carbon fiber technology.We have seen carbon fiber being used in in different ways,in different cars,but never in the engine bay. Thats why this project excites us.