Watch these racing drivers scare the living crap out of their passengers.

If you’re going for a ride on a racetrack, you’re safer as a passenger if the chauffeur knows the track like the back of his hand, and especially when he’s a racing driver. They have been trained and taught to handle the car even in the most dangerous situations, so going for a lap with someone should be a piece of cake, especially if that someone is important in their life. Racing drivers are used to fast driving and hard braking and hard corners, but their passengers aren’t, and that’s why these videos are hilarious.

Augusto Farfus is one of BMW’s most accomplished drivers and he has won a lot of races, but watching him race and being with him while he races his car are two different things, and his wife Liri got to experience that in a Nordschleife lap, and even though Augusto was calm and funny the whole ride, his wife was the complete opposite.

The next video is quite silent and yet so loud. Here we have Walter Röhrl and his wife laping around Daytona highbanks in a 2 seater. His wife maybe be screaming but you can’t hear a thing, as the cars noise is louder than her scream, but you can tell from her actions that she’s pretty terrified.

Ricardo Petrese and his wife are up next and at first, it looks like his wife plays it cool and keeps calm but after 2 minutes, she snaps and starts yelling and cursing in Italian, and the best part is that they’re riding in a Civic R, imagine if his F1 car had a second seat, man his wife would’ve jumped out of the car the second he would accelerate.

Keiichi Tsuchiya inspired a lot of the manga Initial D, and when it came time to turn it into a TV show, he gave one of the voice actors the ride of his life.

This is one of those cases where race car drivers mess up a calculation and ends up crashing. Even his passenger Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe, which is a racing driver himself called the crash before the ex-Formula 1 driver Antonio Pizzeria did, but both of them got out of the crash safe and sound.

It takes a special talent to scare racing drivers, but this is one of those many Tiff Needell clips that you can watch countless of times and never get bored. Two-time BTCC champion Jason Plato, starts to get more and more scared as the lap goes on, and keep in mind that this is the same guy who’s won 94 races in that series alone!

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