Who wouldn’t love classic muscle cars powered with modern parts of sports car ! A perfect blend that will make every car appear with the best performance ever.And we know that everyone love this idea.Its looks like this LS7 engine inside this Chevelle fits perfectly good and sure that this experiment has taken the performance of this car a level above.The D&P has done a good job!The best customized with the best ! Built for a collector in Las Vegas, this Chevelle was chosen to be a complete frame-off restoration and modernization by D&P. The GM Performance LS7 fuel injected engine chosen for the car was topped with a Magnusson Supercharger, pushing the horsepower upwards to an estimated 630 at the crank.Sure that this LS7 needs his modern upgrades so D&P has puted a Tremec TKO 600 five-speed transmission, 12-bolt Posi-Traction rear end, Global West suspension components and four-wheel disc brakes.What can we say about this fascinating interior that includes leather seats , quick ratio power steering and vintage air conditioning.Also the exterior is like the sunrise …very impressive,painted in Corvette Millennium Yellow with a cream rag top! We think this car has the perfect ingredients to be extremely fast and beautiful.The best swapped!
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