Definitely this car owns that kinda sound that everyone wants to hear in this quite day!
But yeah,It’s not too often that a hopped-up Ford GT comes across the dyno chassis.This time the drag racer Dan Schoneck of Schoneck Composites took his Ford GT for a spin on the chassis dyno stuffing it with a 5.4 liter, 331 cubic inch modular small block into the rear engine chassis & mated it with an F2 ProCharger, pounding out 33 pounds of boost!

Its obviously that his goal its to exceed 1300horsepower & then put 1400hp in his crosshairs.So with a totally new 374ci mill going for the Ford GT to pair up with a Pro charger F3-121 blower , improved torque numbers to congratulate that insane horsepower shouldn’t be an issue.
Schoneck states that this is the most rear wheel horsepower ever attained with a modular-powered, supercharged street car such as this!
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