The Dodge Viper might be an underestimated car among the latest supercars, but this Viper certainty can’t be underestimated because it will be a supercar-killer for sure.
Producing 1000 horsepower on normal petrol and 1500 horsepower on racing fuel or E85, all this power comes out of the big American 8,4-litre V10 engine which has been given 2 turbo’s.
On normal petrol, it’s an increase of 355 horsepower compared to the stock 645 horsepower, but here is the fun part, as the Vipers are rear-wheel drive! This means with the racing fuel, you’ll probably be able to do a burnout in 5th gear, and good luck with rain too.


But what do you get for paying over $90.000 for an upgrade? Just to name a few:

– Precision turbo’s
– Forged engine internals
– Stroker kit
– Motec management
– New intakes
– Stainless-steel exhaust


Assuming most value of the money will go to the performances, which means you can’t really see the car has been undergoing some upgrades. Obviously the bodywork is a bit wider than usually too, among with the fancy blacked-out rims to make the car look a bit meaner.
Would you pay over £60.000 for an additional 855 horshorsepower on top of the 645 and a fancy body kit? Let us know if you think this upgrade is worth the money.


via TheSupercarKids

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